Typography • Presentation • Data Visualization • UI / UX

*synthesizing concepts, digital sketching, analogous experiences

The Vaccination Demand Observatory is dedicated to dispelling misinformation about vaccines, a poignant topic during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working with The Public Good Projects (PGP) a subset of UNICEF this tool is dedicated for journalists to find misinformation and respond to it based on its urgency. Initial concept sketches, quick synthesis research, wireframing and mid to high fidelity design passes led to a solution that primarily consists of a timeline to scrub through. This allows journalists to quickly see misinformation, and which weeks are more urgent than others, by creating a card system to cycle in and out of different articles.
Figma, Research, Analyzing Data, Conceptualization, Prototyping, Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wireframing


*TEAM PROJECT - Schema Design - Worked on all designed assets with two senior level designers