Typography • Experience Design • Exhibit Design • Photography • Creative Coding

*prototyping, projection

This experience was created for indigenous peoples of Michigan to represent themselves in an empowering way through storytelling, photography and interaction.

*iterations, coding, augmented reality

Through large portrait photography of specific indigenous persons, viewers can hear, interact with and watch as native stories come to life in front of them. By wandering around the exhibit people can look at a larger scope of indigenous culture through naturally made cyanotype prints and a constant stream of crowd sourced imagery that indigenous people can contribute. This all finalized in an exhibition which included a mockup of the final experience, a 3D rendering and a wall of cyanotypes.

A semester-long project that initiated conversations with the Detroit Historical Society and indigenous peoples of Detroit leading into multiple weeks of research. This research constituted of both cultural and historical, because of the complicated nature of indigeneity in the United States, we as students did our best to understand the trauma and bias of this particular group of peoples. Through this we gleamed the concept of the ceremonial, cyclical and circular nature of Native American storytelling. In exploring this theme through prototypes, sketching and brainstorming the idea of Native Convergence emerged.
Adobe Products, Research, Material Studies, Fostering Connection, Physical Building