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*projection mapping

What often seems simple is very complex, and our consumption of everyday objects from food to transportation is no different. By analyzing my personal consumption habits, tea emerged as a repeating consumable.

*final build of table, wiring

By defining pathways for research while continually analyzing my consumption patterns I found that tea has significant cultural value across the globe. in the country of Japan the tea ceremony was a major part of their history before westernization. The quality and control of the product is a key part of the ceremony and family owned tea farms. In my personal consumption of tea I found similarities which led to a reinterpretation of the ceremony for informative and cultural purposes. Having information projected onto the different parts of the process informed the user as well as led them through the ceremony. The objects chosen were representative of the culture behind how tea is grown to act as affordances for guiding the user. Overall the experience shows the process of tea while being an engaging and thoughtful experience.
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*prototyping, analyzation, collecting